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October 2, 2012

■   With no funding and scant staff, Jacksonville's new Downtown Investment Authority faces many hurdles before it can piece together a plan for future development -
It was his first public appearance after being elected mayor last year, and Alvin Brown dedicated it to explaining to downtown business owners how he was going to transform the area. "The real question is,...

April 3, 2012

■   DROP A Good Deal For City Employees, But Adds To Jacksonville's Pension Woes -
When Richard Lundy retired from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department last month, he left with a $5,970-a-month pension he built up over 29 years of service. Those payments were bolstered with a $478,229 lump...

January 30, 2012

■   Jacksonville developers tired of delays, object to new regulations -
After waiting months for their money, participants in a program designed to stabilize Jacksonville's recession-hit neighborhoods have been unexpectedly told by the city they must adhere to a complicated clutch of federal regulations or they...

September 15, 2011

■   Mayor Alvin Brown's cost-review measures holding up contractors -
It's been six weeks since Javier Garcia finished rehabilitating the Confederate Point Bridge, and he's still waiting for $131,000 the city owes him for the job. That leads to a tough situation for the owner...

January 20, 2011

■   Jacksonville planners eye new rules to discourage urban sprawl -
Half a year from now, Jacksonville developers could operate under an entirely new set of rules when it comes to paying for transportation infrastructure around their projects. The result, according to a range of development...

April 18, 2008

■   City grows steadily more expensive to live in -
When Bill Marino was looking to move somewhere warm a couple of years ago, Jacksonville was just the place. Besides having nicer weather than Connecticut, the difference in housing prices meant he would make money...

March 15, 2008

■   Runway extension: Really about safety? -
Numbers swirl around the fight over the possible extension of a runway at Craig Municipal Airport. The weight of aircraft, the size of crash zones, the cost of construction: Each side has its own figures....

December 30, 2007

■   Symphony lockout has long-term effects -
Alan Hopper had planned to spend this past week in the mountains of North Carolina, celebrating the holidays away from the hustle and bustle of Jacksonville. The people who work for Hopper had hoped to...

December 11, 2007

■   A time to give, a time to receive -
A month ago, D.R. dropped off a box of canned goods at his church, helping fill food baskets to hand out to the needy at Thanksgiving. Last week, the New York native was again talking...

October 12, 2007

■   Port ready to land major deal -
The Jacksonville Port Authority plans to ink a deal next week with a major shipping line who wants to build a massive port facility along the St. Johns River, people familiar with the negotiations said...

September 30, 2007

■   The Dollar Tumbles -
It's the type of conversation you have to expect to have when you do business around the world, when you're trading another country's currency for the dollar, a form of money that has lost its...

August 12, 2007

■   CSX VS. THE HEDGE FUND: The company is at odds about what's best for it, consumers and investors. -
Snehal Amin has big plans for CSX Corp. Over the next few years, he'd like the Jacksonville-based railroad to increase its debt load, buy back more shares and increase the rates it charges shippers, all...

June 4, 2007

■   Jacksonville's Global Ambitions -
It's been a steady drumbeat for almost two years, since the day a Japanese ocean carrier said it was establishing its East Coast hub in Jacksonville. More trade is coming, the drumbeat goes, more international...

April 23, 2007

■   Trucking takes a different route -
Ledell Hayward can get to sounding pretty poetic when he starts talking about some of the sights he's seen. "The farms, the animals - you just see different things. That's good," he said. "And the...

April 6, 2007

■   Shipping port rules burning daylight -
When an NYK Lines ship loaded with cars showed up at the mouth of the St. Johns River last month, it had to sit at anchor for several hours before being allowed into port. The...

February 22, 2007

■   Helicopter repair firm Sikorsky plans to vacate Craig -
Sikorsky Support Services Inc. is likely to shut down its Jacksonville operation and move the 75 workers there to a facility in Beeville, Texas, employees were told this week. The company - which handles maintenance...

February 18, 2007

■   A safer track? -
Anna Garcia was drifting off to sleep when she heard the train. It began with the usual noises, noises she was used to: Living just a couple dozen yards from the railroad tracks, Garcia often...

December 14, 2006

■   Business scores in sports -
Billy Burbank's fingers seem to function independent of his mind, flickering a threaded shuttle through the twine while he stares out at the water and reminisces about the Fernandina Beach of the past. It's a...

November 19, 2006

■   Moving on distribution -
Brown and blue. Blue and brown. No rhyme. No reason. Or, at least, not an obvious one; not to a human. To the computer brains inside Coach Inc.'s worldwide distribution center in Jacksonville's Tradeport industrial...

October 6, 2006

■   Proposed whale rule would slow ships -
Mike Getchell has spent years around ships sailing on the St. Johns River, working as a tug captain and now serving as manager of marine operations for Crowley Liner Services' East Coast division. With his...

September 3, 2006

■   Jacksonville shipping salivates about Cuba -
When Dick Morales was growing up in Cuba, his family's concrete products business would buy wire mesh from the United States. It was a product that would be shipped through the then-much-smaller Port of Jacksonville...

September 2, 2006

■   Airport gun rules tested at hearing -
Jacksonville International Airport's rules for law enforcement personnel boarding planes with handguns are "extremely confusing," according to an arbitrator hearing the first official grievance filed by a Jacksonville Aviation Authority police officer. Among the signs...

August 24, 2006

■   TNT Logistics sold in $2 billion deal -
TNT Logistics has been sold to a private equity firm for 1.5 billion euros -- almost $2 billion -- meaning a new name and a sharper focus for the firm, whose North American headquarters...

August 18, 2006

■   Some aboard Carnival ship complain about ruined trip -
Hundreds of disgruntled passengers streamed off the cruise ship Celebration Thursday morning, returning to Jacksonville without ever setting foot in the Bahamas after the vessel's propeller scraped the ocean floor while the ship was...

June 24, 2006

■   Cold storage business heats up -
Twin forklifts dance around each other in the frigid air, readying pallets of fish, shrimp, pancakes and other delicacies for their final trip. The shrimp, to pick one, began its journey days ago, in...

June 12, 2006

■   Trash or Treasure -
One-ten, one-ten, one-ten. One-twenty. In less than a minute, Randy Kerr was up to $200, with the numbers rising far more quickly than they had just moments before, when bidding started at $45. Two hundred...

May 27, 2006

■   JIA rips out $15 million baggage system for newer one -
In the bowels of Jacksonville International Airport, 1.16 miles of conveyor belt carry bags through a cramped room, transporting the luggage through scanning machines and into the hands of security personnel. That $15 million scanning...

May 20, 2006

■   Sometimes a cigar is just . . . a cigarette? -
For decades, Swisher International has filled the air around the Springfield neighborhood with the redolent aroma of dried tobacco, tobacco that it turns into 8.5 million cigars a day. Or at least what Swisher produces...

May 10, 2006

■   No 'Welcome' for workers at AOL's Southside campus -
Tammy Holt fought back tears as she pulled out of AOL's Southside campus early Tuesday morning, minutes after finding out that her job -- and that of the other 819 employees at the call center...

January 30, 2006

■   JIA soars through turbulence: Flight numbers are down, but officials see clear skies for the facility, saying it will weather the industry's unrest -
Bob Molle is under no illusions about what the coming year holds for him. "I'm calling this spring 'the perfect storm,' " he said, a half-smile on his face. Even he's not sure if he's...

December 7, 2005

■   TNT NV set to sell logistics business -
TNT NV is looking to sell its logistics business, including its North American unit, which is based in Jacksonville. The Netherlands-based company announced the sale Tuesday during a news conference in Amsterdam. It said it...

November 29, 2005

■   Why you pay what you do: Statewide and environmental inspection taxes, plus distance from ports influence fuel prices. -
While the Senate grilled oil executives about September's record high gasoline prices on Wednesday, Sharon Perez was quietly rejoicing about the drop in prices. With the Citgo on Beach Boulevard where she's assistant manager selling...

November 28, 2005

■   What's on the horizon for Cecil? -
When Ron Barton was weighing the offer to become executive director of the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission, one aspect of the city's plans for development helped seal the deal: the future represented by Cecil Commerce...

October 5, 2005

■   CSX Corp. moving 10% of area dispatchers -
CSX Corp. is eliminating about 10 percent of its dispatcher jobs in Jacksonville and moving the positions to other locations, the company told the dispatchers' union Monday. Although several employees have said they fear the...

September 12, 2005

■   Katrina Ignites Fuel Prices -
Gas prices were already ticking their way toward a true record this year, one that would top the charts even after adjusting for inflation. And that was before Hurricane Katrina. Afterwards? "It was exactly what...

July 15, 2005

■   Port close to signing huge deal with line -
The Jacksonville Port Authority is on the verge of signing a deal with an Asian shipping line that will bring a mammoth new facility to Dames Point and could create thousands of jobs, double the...

July 12, 2005

■   How CAFTA shapes up on First Coast -
In a cavernous facility down a side road in Macclenny, dozens of workers put the final touches on sport coats destined for department stores around the country. This week, many of the garments have arrived...

May 3, 2005

■   'Is it even a business we want to be in?' -
Port wants to nourish growing cruise ship industry, but it must find balance with lucrative cargo trade The board of the Jacksonville Port Authority was just settling in to a discussion of the future of...

April 16, 2005

■   Driven to Desperation -
Joe Knowles has been hauling long-distance loads for years, but never, the grey-haired trucker said, has he seen diesel prices reach the levels they have in recent weeks. "It's about to break us," he said...

March 15, 2005

■   New era dawns in shopping -
It was almost a week before St. Johns Town Center would officially open, but that didn't stop Jason Watkins from being amazed at what he saw. "It's amazing to see Jacksonville grown up like this,"...

March 13, 2005

■   Railroads run into new regulators: State, local governments try for more oversight -
When New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer told CSX Corp. that he was investigating the railroad because of safety issues at railway crossings, CSX responded that the state didn't have the right to do so...

February 7, 2005

■   Now What? -
The Super Bowl is history, the crowds are dispersing and the cruise ships are sailing away, leaving Jacksonville with one question: NOW WHAT? While most of the attention of the crowd at Veterans Memorial Arena...

December 13, 2004

■   The future of telephony gets a whole lot simpler -
When someone calls Jim Kutsch's desk, it doesn't matter if the Convergys executive is in his Jacksonville office or working out of a hotel near the company's North Carolina call center: Either way, his phone...

August 3, 2004

■   Spy aircraft to be built at Cecil -
Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer will be making the military's newest spy plane at Cecil Commerce Center as part of a team led by defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. Lockheed won the $879 million contract to...

July 9, 2004

■   Yulee chicken fans to eat more free food -
Robert Davis probably wasn't at his best Thursday morning. His eyes drooping, his legs shuffling slightly as he walked, the 19-year-old tossing himself into a chair as though he might never leave it: "I'm strung...

June 7, 2004

■   Does Jacksonville have a cultural divide? -
When Ryan Buckley decided to start carrying the works of Jacksonville artist Reese Foret Verschueren at his San Marco gallery and frame shop, he figured he'd sell a few. He liked them, and, after only...

March 10, 2004

■   Dish drops Viacom shows in fee dispute -
Local Dish Network subscribers looking for Jon Stewart's take on the news or SpongeBob Squarepants' latest antics have been confronted with a blank screen since early Tuesday.

February 16, 2004

■   Cool Cities -
At first glance, Max Michaels doesn't look like the type of guy who makes an economy soar.

February 8, 2004

■   U.S., allies agree to compromise on dollar -
BOCA RATON -- The United States reached a compromise with its economic allies over the falling dollar this weekend, although how it would be put in place remained vague.

November 20, 2003

■   FTAA draft lacks wide-ranging nature the U.S. initially sought -
MIAMI -- Trade negotiators seeking to form a free trade area covering the entire Western Hemisphere agreed Wednesday to a rough draft. But the draft lacks the wide-ranging nature the United States initially sought after two of Jacksonville's largest port customers -- Brazil and Venezuela -- expressed concerns about such an approach.

September 30, 2003

■   Disney puts its twist on watching movies at home -
Hoping to attract people who "love movies and love watching them," The Walt Disney Co. rolled out a new video-on-demand service yesterday in Jacksonville, one of the three cities nationally where the product debuted.

September 14, 2003

■   Thinking Global -
The 114,000 square feet of greenhouse space is in place. Some 30,000 orchid seedlings have been shipped in, and the state-of-the-art shading system is set up, ready to protect the fledgling plants from the harsh sun.

July 13, 2003

■   The MBA grind -
You shouldn't get an MBA. (Shhhh ... just wait a second.) Still there?

June 29, 2003

■   Seed money -
You have a dream. Whether it's been bouncing around in your head for years or it woke you up out of a sound sleep a week from last Tuesday, the dream has now taken over your life: You want to start or expand a business.

June 25, 2003

■   Fed to swat at deflation with rate cut -
Own a house? Your mailbox is probably full with offers from banks who want you to refinance. If you have student loans, the mailman's bag is even fuller from all those refinancing offers.

June 8, 2003

■   It's always a political season -
So, you don't bother playing office politics? Figure you can just hunker down, do your job and everything will work out fine?

February 3, 2003

■   Send me an angel -
Al Rossiter still remembers the cotton toilet tissue guy.

January 9, 2003

■   New wireless broadband service arrives in Jacksonville -
A Dallas-based company is debuting its wireless broadband service in Jacksonville, hoping to compete with BellSouth, Comcast and others in providing high-speed access to the Internet.

December 22, 2002

■   Unemployment looms over many this season -
The people who walk into Anna Brost-Gibson's office are rarely happy -- and the holiday season does little to help. In fact, the faces that Brost-Gibson, who works at the local unemployment office, sees are a little longer, a little sadder, this time of the year.

November 11, 2002

■   Incubators give big hand to small businesses -
The cubicles lining the small room are empty on a Tuesday afternoon, with just a few handwritten nameplates giving any hint of who usually sits at the desks.


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