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November 12, 2000

■   Sunnyside Gardens provides "oasis" in Queens -
The stately tree in the midst of the old brick buildings reluctantly surrendered to autumn, holding on to a few orange leaves while sending their brown brethren to the ground below.

November 2, 2000

■   Have you seen this candidate? -
Trina knew the name, she said. It was on the tip of her tongue. She lit a cigarette with a customer's lighter, leaning over the bar to return it. It didn't help. "Nope," she finally said. "I'm not sure who's running."

October 31, 2000

■   The tale of the tape -
By day's end, they didn't even bother shredding the stuff. Not enough time; too much excitement.

October 27, 2000

■   'A legal loan shark' -
She has a job, the woman says, pressing her fingertips against the scarred plastic window. She just can't prove it.

October 15, 2000

■   There's nothing funny about the comic book business -
Nobody wandered over to the comic section of the store. Perhaps surprisingly for a place named Comic Heaven, the thin trickle of customers roaming this Sunnyside shop Wednesday afternoon seem interested in anything but comics.

October 1, 2000

■   Lions and tigers and elephant-headed gods, oh my -
Alex Gonzalez pulled the sweatshirt over his head and turned around, displaying a bare back decorated in a mosaic of primary colors.

September 20, 2000

■   Peddling peaches -
Some of the homeward-bound commuters almost seemed afraid of Tony Burtin's hoarse shout.

September 7, 2000

■   Mob sends mixture of messages at UN -
The drums outside the United Nations stopped at 11 a.m. Exactly 11 a.m. Sure, it was a protest. But that didn't mean they had to be uncivilized about it, does it?


This is a showcase of the work done by Timothy J. Gibbons during a journalism career now stretching back more than a decade.

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